A community celebrating empowerment, inclusivity & economic opportunity for women and the underserved.


A community that empowers and uplifts women and the underserved by giving back directly to its members so they can achieve their dreams!

“Its time to celebrate women at every level.”


  • Join us on Twitter & Twitter Spaces for a special round of  "pre-launch" grant funding.

    Funding granted directly to our members to empower and uplift our community, no corporate charities!

    Join us on our new "Twitter Spaces Show" where we grant deserving requests for new NFT Projects, 1/1 NFT artists, small business startups, web3 innovations and more.

    Community rooms in discord where members connect and share their secrets of mindfulness and success. (Discord is live)

    Opensea secondary sales will continue to fund our members' dreams.


Welcome to our community

Join us on "Twitter Spaces" every Saturday and Wednesday morning at 11 am P.D.T. for our new show, where you can share your art and win $50ETH. All happening "Pre-Mint"!

How to apply for grant funding? (Soon on Discord)

Include the following:

  • Your name.
  • Your goals & how you will achieve them.
  • How much funding you will need to reach your dreams.

Be creative and have some fun with it: use props, show us your workspace and show us your plans for moving forward.

At first, we will choose who receives grant funds and how much: when our community matures members will assist in the grant selection process.

What we ask of you?

After you receive your grant funding please share your story:

  • Create a short video and share it in our Twitter community.
  • Use Twitter to share your journey: keep us updated.
  • Pay it forward. When you succeed, help someone else make their dreams come true!

female led team

Shannon's Story

My name is Shannon. I am the lead here at W3W.  I am a successful businesswoman in the high desert of Nevada.


When starting my NFT journey, I realized that many NFT projects donated to large corporate charities. I decided to draw from my own experiences and financial struggles when starting a small business and concluded that it takes funds to create your dreams.

Which is why I decided to help women and the under served start or build their small businesses.


Whether you want to return to school, attend a seminar, launch a new NFT project or start or grow your business, W3W are here to help fund your dreams.


Join me on this journey. A journey of self-discovery. A journey of Love. A journey of wealth.


Enjoy life,


NFT Roadmap

Web3 Women NFT's are unique digital collectables on the Ethereum blockchain. Generated from over 200 possible traits; including eyes, lips, skin, hair, tattoos, earrings, dresses and many more.

All Web3 Women NFT's are radiant and provably-rare but some are rarer than others.

These Web3 Women NFT's are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Intellectual property rights, ownership and commercial rights are granted to you as the NFT owner.

Discord is live!

Roadmap 1.0

Grant Funding Rounds


- Join us on Twitter Spaces every Saturday and Wednesday morning at 11 am PDT for a special round of  "pre- launch" grant funding. We grant deserving requests to new NFT projects, 1/1 NFT artists, Web3 ideas and more.

General Mint:

- All minters (holders) are eligable for grant funding from the general mint.

Happening Right Now on Twitter:

Web 3 Women is an emotionally generative platform for artists, offering a safe space for artists to launch with generous spaces.

Web 3 Women does it through soft power. Being present and holding space for all sorts of growth.

Join us now on Twitter & Twitter Spaces for free giveaways including, motivational books, NFT's, Web3 Women merch and more.

Roadmap 2.0

- Every month we will launch random surprise giveaways on Discord to members-only.

- A perpetual fund of 23% of Opensea fees will go directly back to our members, helping to fund your dreams for the long term. Join us on Twitter & Twitter Spaces for on-going grant funding!